School of Engineering Departments and Programs

Message front the Program Director
Dear Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree program. This is a unique opportunity for those who would like to pursue a personal academic area of interest and have career ideas involving a springboard in general engineering. If you have an analytical math-and-science mind, but your primary interest is in pre-med, pre-law, manufacturing, military, public policy leadership, business, education or another area, a general engineering degree could be a great fit for your future.

Instead of a senior year in advanced study in a specific discipline of engineering, this degree program requires 33 credit hours in your declared emphasis area. So, for the serious student who wants to apply to medical school, how better to distinguish yourself and prepare for that next level of study than with 6 hours of English composition, 8 hours of chemistry, 8 hours of physics, 15 hours of mathematics, 24 hours of social science/humanities/fine arts, 33 hours of engineering, and 33 hours of advanced biology and chemistry. From the perspective of our current medical school B.E. alumni, the road less taken through engineering has proven to be extremely valuable.

Without having the constraints of degree programs in specific disciplines of engineering, our students enjoy maximum flexibility in course selection within their emphasis areas. The 33 hours of course work is intended to help prepare you for further study or a career path in your chosen emphasis area.

We also welcome undecided engineering students to declare B.E. as a major. Through individual advising, an Introduction to Engineering course and opportunities to be involved in career fairs and seminars and to interact with a full array of professionals in various fields, we will help you find the optimal degree program that fits you best.

If you have questions or interest in learning more about the B.E. program, I would be happy to assist you. Please feel free to e-mail me, give me a call, or visit the Engineering Dean's Office for more information.

Best wishes for great success,

Adam Smith, Ph.D.
B.E.Program Director